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Trademark Registration

A trademark is a unique mark or sign that represents a business, and it is used to distinctively identify a company from another and build its credibility among consumers. If one does not register its trademark, brand name, logo, punchline etc., then an imitator cannot be stopped from confusing the public by using the same or similarly deceptive name or mark, which may result in financial and economic loss to the business in the long-term.We always advise our clients to recognise all the IP Rights in form of trademark and register every Mark, Brand Name, Label, Product Name, Logo, Punchline and the Domain Names as the trademark in India for an effective remedy in case of misuse by any other person.

Trademark Registration Procedure

  1. Surf internet for a brand name that is “wacky-enough”
  2. Preparing a trademark application
  3. Filling the application of brand name registration
  4. Examining the process of the brand name application
  5. Publication of your brand in the Indian Trade Mark Journals
  6. The trademark registration certificate issuance

Documents Required for Trademark Registration

  1. Copy of PAN Card of directors
  2. Passport size photograph of directors
  3. Copy of Aadhaar Card/ Voter identity card of directors
  4. Copy of Rent agreement (If rented property)

Identify Trademarks of Your Business


Step 1

Business Name
The most important trademark is your Business Name, You must protect it immediately before someone else steals it.

Step 2

Logo of the Company
The logo is the image, artwork or emblems of your business. For Logo Registration, submit a high-resolution JPEG Image.

Step 3

Brands of The Company
The products of business are known by its independent name. It may be a word mark or a device mark (image).

Step 4

Punchline Or Slogan
Punchline or Slogan, like "Ye Dil Mange More" of Pepsi, can be protected by registering the trademark registration in India.

Frequently Ask Questions

Any word, name, device, label, numerals or a combination of colors that can be represented graphically (in a paper) can be registered as a trademark. The trademark to be registered must also be distinctive for the services or goods for which it is proposed to be registered.

Trademark registration provides protection of brand name or logo or business name. Copyright is the protection of original works of authorship.

Registered trademarks are valid for 10 years from date of filing. Prior to the end of the validity, the trademark owner can file for renewal to keep the trademark protection current.