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MSME Registration

MSME is an acronym for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise. They are differentiated on the basis of their investment in their equipment and machinery Micro Enterprise: Investment in Machinery: Not more than INR 25 lakh Investment in equipment: Not more than INR 10 lakh Small Enterprise: Investment in Machinery: Between INR 25 lakh and 5 Crore Investment in equipment: between INR 10 lakh and 2 Crore Medium enterprise: Investment in Machinery: Between INR 5 Crore and 10 Crore Investment in equipment: Between INR 2 Crore and 5 Crore MSME registration is the registration of MSMEs through which they can avail several government schemes. The benefits of MSME registration are the following:.

Benefits of MSME Registration

  1. Due to the MSME registration, the bank loans become cheaper as the interest rate is very low around ~ 1.5% to 2%. Much lower than interest on regular loans.
  2. There are various tax discount offered to MSME.
  3. It also allowed credit for minimum alternate tax (MAT) to be carry away for up to 15 years instead of 10 years
  4. There are lots of government tenders which are only open to the MSME Industries.
  5. They get easy access to credit.
  6. Once registered the cost getting a patent done, or the cost of setting up the industry reduces as many rebates and concessions are available
  7. Business registered under MSME are given higher preference for government license and certification.
  8. There is a One Time Settlement Fee for non-paid amounts of MSME.

Documents Required for MSME Registration

  1. Copy of PAN Card of directors
  2. Electricity/ Water bill (Business Place)
  3. Passport size photograph of directors
  4. Copy of Property papers(If owned property)
  5. Copy of Aadhaar Card/ Voter identity card of directors
  6. Landlord NOC (Format will be provided)
  7. Copy of Rent agreement (If rented property)

MSME Registration: A Step-By-Step Guide


Step 1

Submit the documents

Step 2

We Prepare your application

Step 3

We file and submit the application to registrar

Step 4

We send you MSME certificate

Frequently Ask Questions

In accordance with Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Act, 2006, the manufacture and service enterprise is defined in terms of investment in plant & machinery and services respectively as micro, small and medium enterprise as explained below:

All companies: Who get supplies of goods or services from micro and small enterprises, and Whose payments to such micro and small enterprises are due for a period exceeding 45 days i.e. 46 days in all shall be referred to as the Specified Enterprises.

The MSME Form I is required to be filed as following: One time within 30 days of the publication of notification i.e. latest by 20th February, 2019 as the date of publication of notification is 22nd January, 2019. At the end of every half year within 30 days i.e. by 31st October for the period from April to September and by 30th April for the period from October to March.