RFP – Partnership for Implementation of WaterAid Projects in Select Gram Panchayats and Small towns of Guntur District

About WaterAid India (WAI)

Jal Seva Charitable Foundation (JSCF) is registered in India as a not for profit company under Section 25 of the Companies Act, 1956. JSCF is an associate member of WaterAid International and uses the brand name ‘WaterAid’ in India. WaterAid‘s mission is to transform the lives of the poorest and most marginalised people by improving access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene. WaterAid India’s vision is to “access to safe water, sanitation, and hygiene for everyone, everywhere in India by 2030”.

WaterAid began working in India in 1986. WaterAid India (WAI) focuses on the poorer states in the country with a focus on India’s most vulnerable communities. The head office is in the nation’s capital, New Delhi. WaterAid India also has Regional Offices in Bhopal, Bhubaneswar, Hyderabad and Lucknow. We currently work in 13 states in the country.

WAI’s New Strategy (2020-25)

WaterAid India is embarking on a new Strategy period from 2020-2025 to sharpen our focus on and intensify our work on water, sanitation and hygiene, with the goal to contribute towards India’s progress towards achieving Sustainable Development Goal 6 which is to ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.

WaterAid India Strategy aims to accomplish the following by 2025

  1. An integrated water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) solution, i.e, safe and assured piped water supply at a household level, safely managed and inclusive sanitation in communities and hygiene behaviour change through institutions in 180 Gram Panchayats and 18 small towns in six states.
  2. Demonstration and validation of new technologies and entrepreneurial solutions to WASH by serving as a test bed for innovations on community based institutional arrangements.
  3. Solutions to district administrations and state governments on pathways (integrating standards, indicators and tracking systems at the districts level) to achieve SDG Goal 6.
  4. A comprehensive approach to WASH in institutions (Schools, Anganwadi Centres and Health Care Facilities).

To achieve these results, WaterAid India would like to partner with non-profit/grass roots organisations to work in a partnership model to undertake projects over a 5-year strategy period in a phased approach in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh.

Scope of Work

The partner is expected to implement activities as mentioned below:

  • Piped water supply in intervention GPs
  • Creation of new and restoration of water infrastructure
  • Conservation of water through rain water harvesting, ground water recharge, etc.
  • Periodic water quality testing
  • Retrofitting of toilets
  • Promotion of toilet usage
  • Solid and liquid waste management
  • Develop water security plans
  • Ensure community contribution and leverage government funds for various hardware interventions
  • Hygiene behaviours pertaining to handwashing, handling of water, toilet usage, food safety, menstrual hygiene management (inclusive of safe-disposal) and disposal of faeces of children <2 years
  • WASH in Institutions – Schools, Anganwadi Centres and Health Care Facilities with adequate and maintained WASH infrastructure and children adopting hygiene behaviours
  • Train mandated institutions and front line workers to ensure O&M
  • Strengthen community based institutions, build women & youth leadership to steer wider social change
  • Citizen monitoring for accountability and transparency
  • Demonstrate models (new technologies, community based institutional arrangements, etc.)
  • Strengthen systems for scale up
  • Advocate with government at multiple levels using evidence-based approach to adopt solutions at scale
  • Baseline and Endline Assessments (as per WAI protocols)


The organisations eligible for submitting the expression of interest need to have:

  1. Valid FCRA registration
  2. Annual budget of at least INR 3 Crore for the last three years
  3. Experience of working in Guntur district is essential

Request for Proposal

The list of intervention areas is annexed. The proposal to be submitted for carrying out the requisite works should comprise of the following sections.

Section A: Part A: Organization Profile

# Particulars Details  Remarks
1 Name & Address of Organisation    
  Contact No.    
2 Organisation Registration Details   Attach with RFP
3 FCRA Certificate no.   Attach with RFP
4 12A Certificate no.   Attach with RFP
5 Copy of 80G registration certificate   Attach with RFP
6 Copy of TAN Attach with RFP
7 Copy of PAN   Attach with RFP
8 PF Registration   Attach with RFP
9 Gratuity registration   Attach with RFP
10 Bank Account Details for Local funds(With signatory details)    
11 Bank Account Details for FC funds With signatory details    
12 Income Tax Return (ITR) along with certified audited statement for last three years Filing of ITR   Attach with RFP
13 FC -4 Return along with certified audited statement for last three years   Attach with RFP
14 Quarterly FC return receipts filed   Attach with RFP
15 TDS challan and return   Attach with RFP
16 Annual return to Registrar of Society. Trust with documents for last three years whether society is complying provisions of society registration?   Attach with RFP
17 List of Governing Body members / Trustees    Attach with RFP
18 Date of last Governing Body meeting   Attach with RFP
19 Copy of Bye-laws /Rules & Regulations   Attach with RFP
20 Organization policy & procedure document, if any (HR, Finance, committee) made or not?   Attach with RFP
21 Accounting Software used    
22 List of other donors for last three years    
23 Organogram   Attach with RFP
24 Staff structure   Attach with RFP
25 SWOT analysis of the organisation   Attach with RFP

Section B: Technical Proposal:

1.     Organization’s experience in WASH

2.     Experience in handling similar projects (Mention the project, donor, year(s) of implementation, budget and activities

3.     A summary of implementation plan for year I

4.     A Team structure which will be deployed for implementing the proposed project. Separate team to be listed for infrastructural related work and community related works. Qualification and experience years of proposed team members to be mentioned.

5.     Proposed action plan for ensuring sustainability of the above said works

Submission of RFP

Interested organisations are invited to submit proposal through the email address – wairos@wateraid.org by January 31, 2019, close of business. Please quote “Partnership for implementation of WaterAid projects in select gram panchayats and small town of Guntur district” as the subject in your correspondence

The technical proposal should contain a broad approach towards integrated WASH planning and implementation with a specific focus on improving access to piped water for habitations. The proposal should also contain a clear indication of intervention areas that will be taken up for implementation.

Partner may propose to work in one of the below options:

1. Rural Areas – 10 GPs (list annexed)

2. Small town – Macherla Municipality

3. Rural areas (10 GPs) and small town – Macherla Municipality

Note: WASH in Institutions is mandatory in the select intervention options.

The financial proposal should include a detailed description of activities and budgets as per the scope of work provided in the above mentioned sections.

Annexure: List of Intervention Areas

The intervention areas selected in the district of Guntur for the implementation of the project as per the new strategy:

Rural Areas: 10 Gram Panchayats (listed below)

S.No District Block Name Panchayat Name
1 Guntur Macherla Bhiravunipadu
2 Guntur Macherla Gannavaram
3 Guntur Macherla Jammalamadaka
4 Guntur Macherla Pasuvemula
5 Guntur Macherla Rayavaram
6 Guntur Veldurthi Gundlapadu
7 Guntur Veldurthi KP Gudem
8 Guntur Veldurthi Mandadi
9 Guntur Veldurthi Rachamallipadu
10 Guntur Veldurthi Srirampuramthanda

Small Town: Macherla Municipality, Guntur

Partner has to work in WASH in Institutions – all Schools, Anganwadi Centres and Health Care Facilities in the select small town and GPs. 

Submission of Proposals

Interested consultants are requested to submit the following documents to wairos@wateraid.org with subject line ‘Project Implementation in Guntur District’ by 31 January 2020. 

Closing Date of the EoI : 31st January 2020

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