RFP -for Selection of Third Party Assessment Agencies for End Line of project for Improving health

About the organisation:

MAMTA is a national level Institute working on Adolescent Health and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) of young people, in partnerships with a wide range of organizations; local, state, national and international levels. MAMTA focuses on capacity building of state institutions and directly works with community structures to improve ecosystem for the most marginalized. The institution has also been providing technical assistance to different partners/institutions across ten countries in South and South East Asia, including Cambodia and Indonesia on issues around Adolescent/young people’s SRHR and HIV.

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Brief about the Project:

The 3-year project working across four districts of Bihar (Khagaria), Jharkhand (Sahibganj), Maharashtra (Pune-Khed) and Karnataka (Bangalore). The program activities are aimed at -:

  • Improving knowledge and practices of adolescents, young married couples, pregnant and lactating mothers on reproductive, maternal & child health, nutrition and mental health
  • Engaging family & community stakeholders
  • Strengthening capacity of Front Line health workers (ASHAs, Anganwadi worker’s, ANM’s etc.)

Objectives of the study

  1. To measure Increase knowledge, attitude and behaviour of adolescents, young married couples, pregnant & Lactating women on maternal and child health and common mental health issues
  2. To measure change in life-skills of adolescents, newly married couples and pregnant & lactating women to combat maternal and child health and common reproductive mental health issues

Submittal Requirements

Responses to this RFP must include the following information:

  • Provide the following details: The full legal name, address, telephone number, fax number, website and email of contact person of the organization submitting the proposal
  • A cover letter/statement of interest indicating the agency’s interest in the project and highlighting its qualifications to perform this project.
  • A summary of firm’s experience in requested service areas, highlighting the agency’s experience working with CSR entities.
  • Statement of qualifications, including related experience with similar types of projects and specific qualifications or resumes of key team members.
  • Nominate 1 Nodal person from the agency
  • The technical proposal should highlight background, methodology (data collection, quality checks, data cleaning and analyses), operational plan, timeline, team composition and budget. The financial proposal in Indian Rupees with Budget Narrative (The budget narrative shall provide a justification on the basis of each proposed cost in the budget and how it is calculated).
  • All proposals must be in writing, in the English language, signed and dated by an authorized employee of the bidder.
  • Any additional information that the agency considers to be relevant.
  • 3 References with email IDs and contact numbers for similar assignments conducted.
  • Two sample reports of similar studies conducted in the past for internal review.

Evaluation Criteria

Evaluation will be based on the criteria listed below:Technical proposal (60%)

Technical criteria to evaluate vendor’s performance include:

  • Quality of proposal (proposal should provide the background, methodology, operational plan, timeline, team composition etc.) (20)
  • Skill of the agency to perform the assignment including number of years of experience (minimum 3 years) for conducting research work (15)
  • Details of similar assignments conducted in the last two years (10)
  • Staff qualifications – quality of staff/team members to be assigned for this project (10)
  • Annual Turn Over (5)

Financial Proposal (40%)


  • Inception report to be shared within 10 days of the contract with MAMTA.
  • Field data to be submitted in excel files along with all output tables, data to be made available for download from the server.
  • Qualitative data to be submitted with audio files and translated transcriptions.
  • Draft report to be shared covering all scopes and sector wise analysis. Report to be finalized after incorporating changes suggested by MAMTA Team.
  • The final study report to be submitted in 3 hard copies (A4 Size preferably with bond paper and colored prints) and soft copy in CDs/pen drives.
  • Before finalization of the report, agency to make a final presentation to MAMTA team explaining the findings of the study and incorporate suggestions provided
  • The study and data collected during study including photographs will be the property of Mamta HIMC. and the agency shall not use it in any form without the written permission from a competent authority in Mamta HIMC. The agency will submit the complete raw and clean data files along with the final study report.

The softcopy of the proposal should reach us on or before 10th February 2020, quoting “Proposals for conducting End line of project on Improving health seeking behavior on Maternal and Child Health in low resource settings by incorporating common reproductive mental health issues in current RMNCH+A strategy” as per the details given in the RFP enclosed.

For further details kindly check the link https://drive.google.com/open?id=1pjbrvLLks1C-6YjV7CJKzj_GsYVNpuIq

Deadline: 10th Feb 2020

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