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The Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Government of India and DGT/NCVT are pleased to announce the launch of new Procedural and Civil Norms for establishment of ITIs across the country. Procedure for seeking affiliation has also been redefined. Now the applicant institute has to pass through multistage framework for NCVT Affiliation of ITI.

सत्र 2020 के लिए नवीन ITI के आवेदन 01 /12 /2019 से शुरू हो चुके हैं। आवेदन करने की अंतिम तारीख– 28/02/2020  नए मानक, न्यूनतम जमीन– 1.07 Acre, न्यूनतम ट्रेड– 4 कोर्स, न्यूनतम यूनिट– 8

 Documents Required For NCVT ITI Affiliation

  • Registration certificate of society/Trust/Company with its byelaws,
  • PAN card of Applicant Organization,
  • Valid ID Proof i.e. Voter Id Card/ PAN Card/ Driving License/ Passport/ Aadhar Card of Trustees/ Members/ Directors,
  • Valid ID proof i.e. voter ID card/ PAN Card/ Driving License/ Passport/ Aadhar Card of authorized person,
  • Ownership document of land/Registered Lease deed,
  • Building plan duly approved by Town Planning Department/ District Magistrate (Collector)/ Development Authority/ Municipal Authority/ Any other Competent Authority as per State Government/ UT,
  • Building Completion/ Occupancy Certificate as per Local Building bye-laws/ NBC of India duly approved by Municipal Authority/ District Magistrate (Collector),
  • Fire Safety Certificate, duly approved by Authority from Fire and Safety department of the concerned state government/ UT,
  • Electrical connection documents-
  • For New Institutes: Installation report/ Meter sealing report indicating sanctioned load
  • For existing institutes, electricity bill indicating connected load and latest bill of payment made.
  • Tax invoices for machineries, equipment and tools. For machinery, equipment costing above Rs 10,000:
  • Tender finalization document,
  • Goods received document,
  • Store’s inward register, and
  • BIS/ ISO/ DIN certificate.
  • Vehicle registration certificate for Automobile Trades,
  • Computer Lab Setup bills, Library books Tax invoices,
  • Teaching and Non Teaching Staff Documents, etc

Stage 2nd

  • (1) Registered Lease Deed or Land Document
  • (2) BCC
  • (3) Occupancy Certificate
  • (4) Fire safety Certificate
  • (5) Resolution of Society (format -4)
  • (6) Resolution of Societyfor Electric connection Format -5
  • (7) Land use Certificate – 1
  • (8) Tools Bill
  • (9) Meter sealing Report, Dues payment receipt, electricity Bill  
  • (10) Details of power backup supply and its bill
  • (11) Staff Detail (Photograph, ID, Adhar Card, 10thCertificate, Higher Education Certificate
  • Experience Certificate, account detail & proof
  • (12) Exiting ITI Format 8,9
  • NOTE- Classroom width 3 meter and workshop, multiple hall, canteen width 5 meter.

 Building& Land  Requirement for ITI College

Ownership of the dedicated plot and building of the ITI should be owned or on govt. registered live lease for a minimum period of 10 years shall be allowed. All the blocks of the ITI should be constructed with a single contiguous plot as per local building bye-laws except hilly state regions. Where local building bye-laws are not available, National Building Code (NBC) of India shall be applicable.

Administrative Area- Principal Room, Reception cum waiting lobby, Staff Room, Admin Hall, Placement/Counseling room.

Institutional Area- Class rooms, Workshop Area, IT Lab, Drawing room, Store room.

Amenities Area- Multipurpose Hall/Court Yard, Library & reading room, Canteen  (including  kitchen & pantry), First-Aid Room, Toilets/ Water closets, Playground, Parking area.

क्र.. कक्ष का नाम माप tools विशेष
1 Principal office 20 sqm Chair,Table ,almari ,laptop Width of room 3 m
2 reception 40 sqm receptionChair, Table ,almari Width of room 3 m
3 Staff Room 20 sqm Chair,Table , visiting chair Width of room 3 m
4 Administrative hall 50 sqm Chair,Table , visiting chair Width of room 3 m
5 Placement 20 sqm Chair, Table , visiting chair -do-
6 Multipurpose hall 110 sqm Chairs and table and lecture stand Width 5m
7 Library 40 sqm Chairs and table and register ,books almari Width 3m
8 Canteen 110 sqm Gas chulha ,gas cylinder , bartan (pakane –khane ke ) Width 5m
9 Dispensary 15 sqm Bad , Doctor kit and tools , medicine Width 3m
10 Play ground As requirement Many games kit  
11 Toilet and water closets As requirement Sapret toilet for staff ,boys , girls ,disabled  
12 Parking As requirement Register and stand Teen shade
13 Theory Room 25 sqm One Table& chair per Students & teacher ,white board , duster , marker Width 3m
14 Store 90 sqm for Eng. & 30sqm for Non eng. Table Chair ,register file ,almari Width 5m
15 IT LAB 25 SQM & add. 2.5 m 10 computer+ups ,20 computer chair &table ,LCD projector with screen  ,2kvps internet connection Width 3 m
16. Electrician 100Sqm 1. Locker 2. Metal Rack 3.Work Bench 4. 500 Wt Bulbs 50, 5. Rubber Sheet 60 ft. 6. Almirah With 5 M
17. Fitter 90sqm 1. Locker 2. Metal Rack 3.Work Bench 4. ARC Welding Table – 122*12*60 CM 5. Marking Table 91*91*122 cm 6. Gas Welding Table with Positioner 7. Acitilean Cylinder 8. Almirah With 5 m

NCVT/DGT Norms for Open a New ITI College

आईटीआई (ITI) कॉलेज खोलने के लिए जरूरी मानक

 (A). LAND- संस्था के नाम रजिस्ट्री, या संस्था के नाम रजिस्टर्ड लीज 10 बर्ष के लिए
·         जमीन – 1.07 Acre (4300 वर्ग मीटर )
कोर्स- न्यूनतम कोर्स- 4 अधिकतम कोर्स- 6      सीट- न्यूनतम- 8 UNIT            अधिकत्तम- 12 UNIT
·         जमीन – 1.70 Acre ( 6880 वर्ग मीटर ) कोर्स- अधिकतम 9 सीट- अधिकतम- 18 यूनिट

 (a) (१) नए नियमानुसार 4 ट्रेड (12 यूनिट ) के लिए 4300 वर्ग मीटरया 1.07 एकड़ चाहिए

(२)  6 ट्रेड (18 यूनिट ) के लिए 6703वर्ग मीटर या 1.7 एकड़ चाहिए

(३) भवन १ ही कैपस में निर्मित होना चाहिए और अगर पहाड़ी क्षेत्र है  तो २ भागो में हो तो सकता है परन्तु दोनों के बीच की दूरी १ किलोमीटर से अधिक मान्य नहीं होगी

(४) जमीं या तो संस्था के नाम या ITI  के नाम हो अथवा १० वर्ष की रजिस्टर्ड  लीज डीड होनी चाहिए

(5) भवन के मुख्य प्रवेश द्वार की माप (6× 2.4 ) वर्ग मीटर होनी चाहिए

(6)यदि भवन लेंटर में है तो छत की उचाई 10 फिट होगी

(7) वर्क शॉप यदि लेंटर में निर्मित है तो छत की उचाई 10 फिट होगी तथा इंडस्ट्रियल टीन में है तो एक हिस्सा १२ फिट दूसरा १६ फिट होना चाहिए

(8) सम्पूर्ण बिल्डिंग में फर्श सीमेंटेड रहेगा

(9) भवन में बिल्डिंग की सीडियो की माप 2×.03×.15 होनी चाहिए

(10) ITI signage board of ITI 2× 1.5sqm or 3×1.5sqm or 4×2.0sqm

Writing material -1. ITI full name, 2. Full address 3. ITI logo 4. Skill India logo

(11) Boards

(1) Trade details Board  (2) Staff Detail board  (3) Exit Board (4) danger sings board

(5) Prohibited Area Indictors

(12) Backup power supply 3 phase is required of electric connection 50 %  load (13) disel mechanic में 4 पहिया वाहन आईटीआई अथवा संस्था के नाम होना चाहिए |

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