Call for Proposal for Establishment of E-YUVA Centres

E-Yuva Scheme Document Empowering Youth For Undertaking Value Added Innovative Translational Research

About the scheme:

E-Yuva scheme is mandated to promote a culture of applied research and need-oriented (societal or industry) entrepreneurial innovation among young students and researchers. The scheme provides funding support (through fellowship and research grant), technical and business mentoring, exposure to bioincubation model, orientation to entrepreneurial culture etc. to students at various levels including undergraduates, post-graduates and post-doctoral.

The scheme provides support under following two categories:

  • BIRAC’sInnovationFellows (for post graduates and above)
  • BIRAC’s E-Yuva Fellows (for under graduate students)

BIRAC supported EYCs encompass the following:

  • Pre-incubation space (3,000 sq. ft. or more)
  • Manage Fellowships for students as per categories mentioned above
  • Conduct Entrepreneurial Awareness Workshops for students

E-Yuva Centres (EYCs)

Eligibility of EYC

University/ Institution established as a legal entity under the relevant Law of India having at least 51% Indian stake holders (owners/ partners/ trustees/ members/ associates etc.) is eligible to apply. The University/Institution could be Public (Central/State)/Private owned. Other mandatory conditions are as follows:

  • Applicant University/Institution should have a Department in Life Sciences stream (Biotechnology/Biosciences/Agriculture /Horticulture/ Food technology etc.) for technical support
  • Age of the applicant University/ Institution should be at least 3 years or more
  • Presence of an Innovation supporting formal body, such as E-Cell/ Institutional Innovation Councils/ IP Cells/ TTOs / Incubation centre etc. Is a must

It is desirous for the applicant organization to have:

  • Connect with a Bio-incubator
  • Network of experts who can provide technical/business mentorship to fellows

Roles and Responsibilities of EYCs

  • View and process online applications received for fellowship
  • Screen applications for eligibility and suitability for the scheme
  • Carry out online Technical Review of eligible applications through Subject Experts (Reviewers)
  • Shortlist proposals for interview(F2F/skype/telephonic) by an Expert Panel
  • Communicate decision to applicants at each step of selection
  • Seek BIRAC approval on final selection of fellowsor their eligibility
  • Issue fellowship award letter to the selected candidates on behalf of BIRAC
  • Release fellowship and research grant received from BIRAC
  • Provide mentorship, handholding and access to facilities at EYC and EYC Knowledge Partner for BIRAC’s Innovation and E-YUVA Fellows
  • Monitor the targeted milestones
  • Organize periodic review meetings
  • Provide mentorship and handholding for domain expertise, entrepreneurship and activities including but not limited to IP management, mobilizing resources and other business development related activities.
  • Provide platforms/ opportunities for interaction with experts.
  • Provide periodic updates and reports on progress of Fellows to BIRAC.
  • Conduct entrepreneurial workshops
  • Any other activity required for effective implementation of fellowships on mutual consent with BIRAC.

Criteria for selection of BIRAC’s E-YuvaCenters

The BIRAC EYC Committee will be responsible for selection of the new centers taking following criteria into consideration:

  • Allocation of dedicated space & relevant infrastructure ready for use.
  • Past experience of conducting innovation promoting/entrepreneurial programs desirable
  • Number of Startups formed by the students (in biotech or any other area)
  • Number of Patents filed from the University/ Institution
  • No. of Industry projects handled or Industry connects
  • Funds received or raised for supporting Innovations
  • Accessibility to experts/mentors
  • Willingness & commitment from the Head of the University/Institution to support the program
  • Availability of IP, regulatory, business support to the EYC fellows. The Institute should be willing to support EYC fellow to facilitate networking through individual/group.
  • Connects with bioincubators and other organizations actively promoting Entrepreneurship BIRAC encourages applications from Tier II/III cities for EYCs.

BIRAC’s Innovation & E-YuvaFellows:

The scheme provides support under following two categories:

  • BIRAC’s Innovation Fellows (for post graduates and above)
  • BIRAC’s E-Yuva Fellows (for under graduate students)

Fellows will be selected through National level application and shortlisting process in collaboration with EYCs and EYC knowledge partners.

Areas covered

BIRAC Innovation Fellowship proposals can be submitted in any domain including Healthcare, Lifesciences, Diagnostics, Medical Devices, Drugs, Vaccines, Drug Formulations and delivery systems, Industrial Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Agriculture, Secondary agriculture, Waste Management, Sanitation, Clean Energy and Artificial Intelligence/IoT/ Automation with application in any of these areas.

BIRAC’s Innovation Fellows:


  • An Indian Student who has completed Masters/ Ph.D in any discipline is eligible to apply for this fellowship.
  1. In case of PhD candidates, the fellow should apply within 2 years of completion of degree.
  2. In case of Masters candidates, the fellow should apply within 3 years of completion of degree.

Female candidates are exempt from the above condition.

Other requirements:

  • BIRAC’s Innovation fellows are required to work full time at EYC
  • Students pursuing Ph.D cannot be considered for fellowship grant
  • Selected fellows cannot pursue Ph.D. during the fellowship tenure

Support provided to fellows under the scheme

BIRAC’s Innovation Fellows will receive fellowship grant and annual research grant as mentioned below:

Fellowship grant:

  • INR 30,000 per month for Post-graduate fellow
  • INR 50,000 per month for Post-doctoral fellow

Annual research grant:

  • INR 2,00,000 per year for Post-graduate fellow
  • INR 5,00,000 per year for Post-doctoral fellow

BIRAC’s E-Yuva Fellows:


  • A team of upto 5Indian students from Indian Institutes/College pursuing under graduation in any domain. Teams with students from different disciplines are encouraged. One team can have students from same/different college/institute.
  • The team should be supported by a mentor/guide.
  • The team should apply through an E-cell of a College/Institute. In case, the team comprises students from different colleges/institutes, each team member student’s college/institute should have an E-Cell/Institutional Innovation Council/ Incubation centre.

BIRAC’s E-Yuva Fellows shall pursue their research work at their College/University labs and will also be allowed access to facilities at EYC and EYC Knowledge Partners as and when required. It will be mandatory for all the fellows to spend 3-4 weeks at EYC/EYC Knowledge Partner during their fellowship period.

Support provided to fellows under the scheme

BIRAC’s E-Yuva Fellows will receive quarterly stipend and annual research grant as mentioned below:

  • Quarterly Stipend: INR 7,500 per quarter per student of the team
  • Annual research grant: INR 2,50,000 per team
  • Note: Stipend is released quarterly to student’s account, subject to Mentor’s approval.
  • Annual research grant is released in two installments (1st installment: 75%; 2nd installment: 25%) to the Institute’s account and is managed by the mentor/guide.
  • EYCs, EYC knowledge partners and BIRAC provide continuous mentoring support to fellows, including but not limited to Technical Mentoring, IP Support, Legal Support, Networking and Outreach, Trainings, Regulatory Advice, Business Mentoring and Fund raising.

Expected Deliverable:

  • Create a culture of innovation at Undergraduate student level in academic Institutions.
  • Capacity building at UG level
  • Opportunity creation and access for Biotech Entrepreneurship facilitated by BIRAC

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