RFP Invited for Baseline Assessment Report Of The Project ‘Nutrition For Life’

Urmul Setu is a member of Urmul network of organizations, working in western Rajasthan. For twenty-five years, Urmul has been innovating approaches for inducing community driven development by devising and sustaining programes in the harsh and in hospitable Thar desert. Urmul Setu’s endeavours focus on drought mitigation and disaster management, livelihoods, women empowerment, child rights, early childcare and development, improving access to basic amenities, with priority emphasis on food, fodder and water.


Urmul Setu in collaboration with Plan India is implementing a project on Undernutrition in 20 villages of Pokhran block of Jaisalmer district.

Purpose of the Assignment:

The objective of the assignment is to undertake a baseline study to know the current status of mother and child health and nutrition indicators (MCHN). The findings of the baseline will be used as a starting point for quality project implementation which aims at improving the health and nutrition status of children under five years of age. At the end of the project an end term evaluation of the project will be done against the baseline findings to measure the change and impact that could be attributed to the project.

Outline of the tasks to be carried out

  • Desk review of project documents, secondary data, formats for household survey, interviews with pregnant women and interviews of mothers under 5 years of age and if required make changes and finalize the tool in consultation with Urmul-Plan.
  • To conduct the baseline study in 20 villages of Pokhran block of Jaisalmer district. Including, household survey following this, selection of households having pregnant women, children in the age group of 0 to 5 years of age. Followed by interviews of all identified pregnant women and mothers of children in the age group of 0 to 5 years of the 20 villages.
  • Subsequent to the data collection the hired agency/consultant will have to do the analysis and report writing.

Relevant Experience and Qualification:

  • Relevant experience of minimum 10 years, having dealt with government ICDS/Anaganwadi program and working with communities especially in rural locations.
  • Proven skills in conducting evaluations (baseline/end term assessments/documentation) in Mother and Child Health and Nutrition (MCHN).
  • Good analytical and writing skills are essential.

Report Structure:

  • Report to include executive summary, table of contents, table of acronyms, introduction, context, project background, purpose and scope of review, methodology (including sampling), findings, conclusion, and bibliography
  • Executive Summary- overview of the essential part of the report – purpose of assignment, methodology, key findings on the project indicators, conclusion and recommendations
  • Introduction – Including Project background, purpose and scope of the evolution, description of methodology
  • Purpose and scope of baseline
  • Methodology- shall include sampling techniques, data collection techniques, data analysis plan, Sample size
  • Conclusion including key areas of work
  • Annexure

Nature and Duration of Assignment: This would be a Consultancy Contract for duration of two months starting 1st of April till the 15th of May 2020 with pre-agreed payment schedule.

Terms of Compensation: The payment will be as discussed and agreed to in terms of rates and schedules between Urmul Setu and the selected consultant/agency.

 Procedure for Application

  • Interested organizations may please send their organization’s profile mentioning details of experience in conducting similar assignments and provide details of their research team
  • Writing sample for which the lead consultant was the main researcher and author.
  • Organisation must present a broad proposal in two parts, the Technical: and the financial part expected remuneration etc.

Ethical and Child Protection Statements – The consultant/agency must agree to abide by the policy for safeguarding children and young people and related requirements. Consultant/agency must follow the branding policy of Plan India.

Project location: Pokhran block of Jaisalmer District

Closing date of application: 28 March 2020

Email for receiving application: urmulsetu@gmail.com

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